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November 14
SharePoint Conference 2012 – Keynote Summary

Welcome to Las Vegas and welcome to SPC 2012!

Here's a very quick recap of the highlights.

Jared Spataro opened up by discussing the role of community. (I think this is leading into a discussion of social. Some of the major elements of the SharePoint community:

  • 65 SPUGs
  • SharePoint MVPs, MCMs, and MCAs
  • SharePoint Saturdays – Jared mentioned
  • Other conferences such as SPTechCon, SHARE, SPFest, European SharePoint Conference, etc.
  • 10,000 registered attendees at this year's conference
  • The SharePoint community section at the show floor

Here's why SharePoint excites Microsoft and is at the core of the next decade's changes. SharePoint began around the confluence of Internet information, browsers and search. And it responded by empowering management, collaboration, search, cost effective solutions. As Microsoft plugged away at ASP.NET solutions, it grew to a $2 billion business. (No more market scale details were shared.)

Now we're seeing constant change and demand for agility with

  • Cloud
  • Mobile
  • Social

SharePoint is the new way to work together. It's a bridge from its tradition to the future of SharePoint. This future is sunny with changes like the end of three year release cycles, with cloud updates every 90 days. O365, SkyDrive Pro, Yammer, and the app model will lead to ten years of phenomenal growth.


Jeff Teper, corporate VP and the "father of SharePoint", takes the stage and welcomes newcomers to the community. He's demoing in Office 365 from an Amsterdam host – touting the cloud as the best way to experience what's available for documents, sites, and social conversations. (You could also get the same experience on premises…interesting that it's second.) Highlights:

  • SkyDrive Pro – personal document management, keeping it in cloud makes in like a Kindle or Netflix experience to return you to the same place
  • In context searching in the same library
  • Share and other in context chrome makes it end-user simple to share docs and see permissions.
  • Drag and drop upload – and it gets big applause!
  • Hover panel shows document preview, structure, and analytics
  • Share allows you to send out cloud links that are anonymized so remote users can access JUST that document.
  • NEW ANNOUCEMENT! NEW SKYDRIVE PRO native apps coming early next year from Windows 8, Windows Phone, and iOS.
  • Sites using personal guide to find and mange followed and recommended sites.
  • In line site styling (also gets applause)
  • Work Management service syncs site tasks with personal tasks in Exchange. Sync, so you can get to those tasks in Outlook too.
  • Newsfeeds, with embedded links, @follows and #hashtags.
  • BRAND NEW ANNOUNCEMENT Mobile App for Windows Phone 7 & 8, available TODAY to see social feeds and docs (everyone's downloading it!)

David Sacks and Adam Pisonis introduced Yammer. There are 20,000 orgs on Yammer, 85% of the Fortune 500, 150 Countries… Yammer is part of the new direction for social, moving beyond what SharePoint does. It offers enterprise social, rapid innovation, and voluntary adoption in an integrated cloud based offering.

Yammer Advantages

  • Adapt in real time to rapid change.
  • Social connection exposes new ideas to folks to trigger organizational transformation (that's a lot of buzzwords!)
  • More informed decisions
  • Manage the platform securely

People spend most time in Office, so why not add Yammer? They want to add a universal social graph to integrate SP and Yammer. Post directly to Yammer from inside SharePoint, and do this from any application in the enterprise, any file type. Inside a Yammer group, the add document can pull in a file from SkyDrive Pro, and coauthor in OWA from both SP and Yammer. Also a Windows 8 app for Yammer.

Jeff Teper back for the roadmap.

  • Today – Open Graph, Web Parts
  • Tomorrow – Feeds, Docs, Identity management
  • Future Connected experiences to combine social, collab, email, IMA, voice & video
  • Packaging: Standalone app, paid offering reducing price
  • To be included in SP Online free, Office 365 E1-E4 free


Richard Riley

  • Search – unifies the technology and improving the user experience (type ahead, results suggestions). You can also preview and get analytics
  • Design – Mater pages can be built in anything – not just SPD. Dreamweaver. Search result integration
  • eDiscovery reaches across all content in place holds
  • Site Mailbox – content stays in SP for management, docs show in Outlook and SharePoint
  • BI (didn't demo)

Michal Guideoni on for IT Pro highlights

IT implications

  • Completely redefined the upgrade experience; 2010 mode still exists. Health Checks.
  • Speed improvements reduce server latency 50%, image compressions, better use of IE ports.
  • Storage – shredded storage uses the delta as the version.

"If you choose to run your own servers" is a recurring theme about "the cloud".


App Model/ SharePoint store are the highlights here. Scott Guthrie highlighted and demoed solution built in Studio to leverage the Microsoft cloud – business solutions, prod services, cloud OS, running through a demo of provider and auto-provision hosting for apps.


In general, there were a lot of small enhancements included in the keynote, and a few new product enhancements for Yammer and mobility. In my opinion, the Yammer integration roadmap remains less than perfectly focused. The Office 365 focus is great but exaggerates the role of "choice" for moving existing SharePoint on premises installations to the cloud. The app model

A summary:

  • Microsoft affirmed its commitment to the community
  • Social remains a major investment area with Yammer extensions and integration underway, although the roadmap remains in-progress
  • Numerous usability enhancements large and small
  • A new application model that makes it simple to develop and integrate cloud hosted applications that integrate with minimal server footprint
  • Strong preference for Office 365 based deployments moving forward.

Hope to see you on my 2013 Upgrade Session Wednesday morning at 9am in Islander CH. Enjoy the week!


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