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July 17
SharePoint 2013 Internal Version Numbers

For better or for worse, I recognize that I am, for some, the "version number guy". Relentlessly tracking those internal SharePoint build numbers. I know it's one of my most popular features, but, really, it started for personal reasons. If I was in the field and was confronted with a balky server, I needed quickly cross-reference the build number to a patch level. And no one can remember those codes!

Still, I'm proud to have an identity here. So, recognizing that, I'm happy to post my first version number list for SharePoint 2013.

For more details on SharePoint 2013, please see yesterday's post on the announcement. I'll obviously have a lot more to share in the next few weeks and months, and yes, there will be a SharePoint 2013 Consultant's Handbook out before year end.

And tomorrow, I'll have a post based on a document I wrote a year ago about what I predicted in the next release vs. what's actually there.

In my "day job", over at Quest, I'm also steering a lot of information on SharePoint 2013 readiness as part of our ongoing webinar series on governance, adoption and readiness. I'll have a lot to say there tomorrow – but let me declare a readiness best practice right now.

SharePoint 2013 requires SQL 2008 R2 or better, and Windows Server 2008 R2 or better. It's time to start mapping those infrastructure upgrades now. If you've been running on Windows 2008 and SQL 2005, you need to upgrade.

OK, here's a picture of the crowd celebrating the SharePoint 2013 release. (Actually, Italian fans in Germany during the Euro Cup. Same thing, right?)

Italian Euro Cup and Seven Nation Army, © 2012 Christopher F. McNulty also at Flickr

For more information on SharePoint 2013, please visit It's "the new way to work together".

Thanks again for reading!

SharePoint 2013 Version/Release

Microsoft Support KB Reference

Version Number from Central Admin

Release Date

SharePoint 2013 Public Beta



16 July 2012

Tech Preview 2



April 2012

Tech Preview 1



February 2012

Wave 15 Private Beta






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